MQDS 2023 - Committees

To organize this international congress MQDS 2023 based on Measurement, Quality and Data Science, many people have and continue to work every day exchanging their ideas to offer you a unique and riche experience.

Among these people are the scientific committee, the organizing committee and the speakers. All have a distinct role to play in organizing and coordinating the various actions required to ensure the smooth running of the congress. 

All these people hope to see many of you at the congress, whether to attend the conference or to visit the international exhibition Forumesure 2023 that will be held in parallel with the congress


The event MQDS 2023 - Measurement, Quality and Data Science- is composed of two committees : scientific committee and organizing committee. Each of these committees has a distinct role within the event and its organization : 

  • The members of the organizing committee are responsible for coordinating and developing the program for the event.
  • The scientific committee is composed of people with a high scientific level. The members of this committee are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the scientific program


The fields of measurement, quality and data science (MQDS 2023) need to be further developed in many industries today. Our event is therefore an essential moment during which you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills with internationally recognised speakers. These professionals, whom we are lucky enough to welcome, will be able to share their knowledge with you and will be happy to answer all your questions !