Measurement and Data Science

Measurement, Quality and Data Science - MQDS, what is it ? 

MQDS 2023 is the international congress on Measurement, Quality and Data Science. It is a multidisciplinary congress which allows attendees to share their experiences in the fields of measurement and quality, to present the evolution of fundamental and applied methods in research and industry.
This event concerns all scientific and industrial communities : professors, researchers, engineers, technicians, etc.
MQDS 2023 aims in particular to highlight the importance of the use of data science tools in the fields of quality and measurement, for machine learning, statistical tools, reliability, security, maintenance, system optimization, visual management, performance management, etc. The international congress on Measurement, Quality and Data Science - MQDS 2023 - will clearly demonstrate the need to foster interdisciplinary exchanges related to the fields of measurement and quality.

The event is organized by the international association CAFMET with the collaboration of the University of Bordeaux, the University of Angers, Brunel University London... See more about the partners.


+50 intervenants 

+30 partners 


Numerous conferences in various fields. It's an opportunity to exchange with other professionals in your field, to meet experts or future collaborators. 


Several technical workshops will be offered during the congress. These moments will allows you to develop your knowledges and especially your skills in the field of metrology, quality and data science. 


In parallel to "MQDS 2023", we are organizing FORUMESURE, an exhibition on measurement, instrumentation and data science, which will take place at the same place. This exhibition aims to bring together several exhibitors (companies, institutions), who wish to present their know-how, their new products and services.